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What an extremely interesting thread – on many levels.

People clearly want information about Twitter. Anecdotal stories are very useful but I did not notice any usage data in the posts. So, here are some articles with 2011 data:

Twitter Update 2011
BTW. Did you notice that “13% of online adults use Twitter, and half of Twitter users access the service on a cell phone”? That should be an extremely important piece of information. What does it mean to your business?

The Netherlands lead Global Markets in Twitter.com reach

The online marketing world is growing more complex every day. Since the inception of the web, most time and money has been wasted. What we have now are more opportunities to waste time and money. Don’t be stampeded into decisions. Research and plan before you implement.

Make sure you ask yourself these questions:

Who do I want communicate with?
Where are they?
What do I want them to do?
Where is my time and money spent most effectively?
How much time and money do I intend to spend?
How can I measure results?

And that’s just for starters.