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Trevor Monaghan
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yourvirtualboard, post: 83008 wrote:
Some good points however I’d be really interested to know how many accountants can or in fact should answer your first question or is this an attempt at a clever “pick me”?

Hi Harry,

You raise a good question. It really depends on what type of business the accountant is running. If it’s purely a tax return business then I wouldn’t expect the accountant to provide much business advice at all. But there are plenty of accountants out there that are experienced business advisers at their core but also prepare the tax returns as part of their wider menu of services.

The point I am trying to make is that business owners have to decide whether they want an accountant that can integrate business advice with tax advice, because they can have both but they need to be proactive and may have to interview a number of accountants to find one that can do it well.

The reason for asking those specific questions is to filter out the accountants that use the ‘business advice’ angle in their marketing without any substance, which is fairly prevalent. When I talk to business owners out and about they often complain to me that their accountant doesn’t provide any business advice but they stick with them regardless and just accept it. Whether it’s their accountant or a business coach I don’t really mind, but every business owner needs someone on their side providing advice with an objective view.

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