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When I started 5 years ago I would have been happy to make $200/week as income on the side of my full time job.

If I had a goal back then to make 1 million dollars per year in 5 years time, I would have probably made some bad decisions by trying to push things too fast and take high risks, and would have likely failed or not progressed much.

Instead, I kept my goals modest and worked smart and hard.
The results came steadily through persistent hard work.
Today, 5 years later, we (wife and I) are making 1 million dollars in salaries/net profits per year through our business.
It’s about time I broke through and found the right vehicle to create wealth.
I’ve failed many times before, but have always worked hard.

My motivation when starting was not so much money, but actually hating my job and hating working for others.
I was a labourer and had only ever really done manual labour work, so not much of a future to look forward to there.
Basically I was desperate to suceed, otherwise face a lifetime of manual labour working with no hopers with negative attitudes.

So get absolutely desperate, and you will find a way.