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Beautician, post: 80902 wrote:
Thanks for the recommendation Victor. There are a few problems surrounding 99Designs (unfortunately). That aside, I’d prefer to pay a designer up front for his/her work and not have to go through a middleman.

Honestly? Scary. I would prefer to pay. Even though I don’t have much at the moment (but it won’t always be that way), I’m up front about it and I think very realistic with my expectations (ie I don’t expect an entire brand identity package for $300, just a logo for $200-$300 or less if I’ve designed it myself and only want it to be put onto a printable format – I think designers call them “proofs”?). That aside, I am unable to get into your website. The white screen is pretty though.

It’s good to see someone with realistic expectations when it comes to web design & development.

Too many people expect too much for too little and love to throw around phrases like “it’ll only take a couple hours”; I find that kind of comment laughable TBH; unless you have experience in the field how do you know how long it will take!? lol