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sensory fx, post: 80987 wrote:
Professionals are qualified to charge upwards of $100 an hour, professionals with University Degrees. I doubt there are too many web designers with degrees.

Qualified graphic Designers who have a formal qualification of at least a diploma and have at least 5 years experience could hope to charge upto $80 an hour.

Your run of the mill web designer is kidding themselves if they charge more than $50 an hour.

I have 3 diplomas and an Advanced diploma ( a TAFE Degree ) and over 10 years experience. I would never charge more than $50 an hour and in most cases a lot less.

I find your idea of a standardised scale of charges pretty unrealistic.

Two things should determine what you charge – the value you place on your work and the value your client / market places on your work.

That’s one reason why I don’t believe in hourly rates in many professional services industries (gasp, a lawyer who doesn’t believe in the sacred 6 minute unit?). If an expert tax advisor can show me in 10 minutes how to save tens of thousands of dollars, I’m happy to pay for more than just ten minutes of his time…