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Hi there,

For sourcing a logo design try http://www.flipajob.com.au all services here are $100 or less.

Good luck.


BellaBlue, post: 80633 wrote:

I am in the process of developing a little business idea that I have had for a while, and I wondered if anyone could help me with a couple of things.

Firstly, can anyone recommend a fairly inexpensive graphic/logo designer? I have a fair idea of the sort of thing I would like, but do not have the technical know-how to put my ideas in to practice.

Secondly, I already have an ABN as a sole trader for another very small business that I have. I presume that I can use this same ABN for my new venture, but I am not sure what I have to do (if anything) regarding this. Do I need to add my new business name to this, and register the business name?

I am hoping to set up a little online retail store.

Many thanks in advance!