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I’ve tried sending out emails and calling other web developers in the past to partner up and inevitably it has never worked. I’m not really sure what to suggest, although there are quite a few web guys on here, most people know wordpress so you could always post a summary of what you are thinking in the tech forum and see if anyone is interested. You’d have to tell them enough to generate interest but I guess not give too much away without requiring them to sign an NDA.

As a web designer myself I have spoken to a lot of people who have these startup ideas but dont have the technical skills and I think 100% or very close to 100% of them really didn’t have enough to succeed. A lot of them think they’ve got a unique idea but it’s something that’s being done, others have no understanding of the costs – they just say I want a site like real-estate.com (got that email this morning) eBay, they don’t know the millions that have gone into those businesses.

Most of these successful startups that people use as examples are either computer geeks themselves or they have attracted external funding. With no money whatever your idea is will be almost impossible to get off the ground, it’s just the way it is, even word of mouth costs money these days.

Anyway not to turn you off the idea but I’d suggest posting some more details and getting some advice from a designer on whether there is anything in it before you look for partners as such. Feel free to emailme if you want my opinion, good luck.