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Generally your onsite SEO is OK, I did notice there wasn’t a H1 on the page. For the onsite SEO the most important features are Title, H1 and URL. These should contain your keywords.

But it’s very important you do those other things I mentioned. Definitely need your sitemaps and to get listed in all the directories, and get your blog out there and your social accounts.

With the directories make sure you stick with the free ones because the paid don’t always give a good return on investment, except for the Yahoo directory.

lutya79, post: 80938 wrote:

I am a little confused with your advice. You say that i dont have key words in my home page, but i thought i listed all the keywords in my home page aand there are also some more keywords in the descriptions of the clothing on the home page. Does this add any value at all, or are you saying I need to have more/repeat keywords?

With the product pages, I know i will need to add lots of detailed descriptions for the products as I havent had a chance to do that yet, however arent the product titles okay? I dont know how i could possible add to these descriptions without them sounding weird.

Thanks again