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CondorCreative, I agree the home page in particular is too crowded. I guess I am just unsure which parts to cut out. do you think I should write the whole site in the first person, so it is clearer that I am a solo owner? I thought it would sound more professional, that I was more established, if I wrote in the third person and implied more than one person?

Well I personally would cut out all (or most) of the images, put most of your most pertinent information on the left and then put some call to action buttons on the right. Maybe a button like “Contact Us”, or even better, a button that says “Get Back Your Life Now” that leads to your contact page. You could also put your contact number over there as well if you have one.

As for third person.. well, there is nothing wrong with talking in third person; I was having the same issue myself with designing my current website and decided to go with third person because whilst I am technically a solo owner I work with other subcontractors to get the jobs done and hope to expand the business one day to something bigger.

Only reason I said it would be a good idea for you to push that you’re a solo owner on your site is because it currently doesn’t look as professional as some of the other companies sites would and hence people might not take your company that seriously. However, if they knew you were a solo owner I think they would understand more that you don’t have the funds of the big boys to get a fancy website; so in the regards I thought a more personalised site would suit you better.

That is only my opinion though, take it for what you will :)

Ps – sorry, i did not reply sooner. I thought I would get an email when there was a new reply but I did not.

If you subscribe to the thread you will get an email as long as you set it to send an email in the drop down box. :)