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Hi Layla,

Having worked as a web marketer for 5 years now, my suggestion to you is:

  • Website Optimisation and Design. Firstly, pause any of you active online marketing campaigns and focus only on your website for now – each page needs to be optimised depending on the goal of the page, and have a better design in place. Look up http://www.copyblogger.com/landing-pages to get an idea on some of the key elements to have on a web page.
  • Google AdWords. There are three types of key phrases you can set – for the beginning I’d put my money on phrase match to get an idea whether relevant key phrases are actually being searched. Tinker around with broad match and exact match once you know what key phrases work for you. If you’re getting traffic for the right key phrases then your web pages are probably letting you down. Be patient, keep a close eye on your campaigns and only make adjustments based on hard data. Consider getting an SEM expert to manage your campaigns if it’s not making any sense to you.
  • Facebook Pages. You can create Facebook ads to drives traffic onto your Facebook page and increase likes. More importantly have a goal on what you want your Facebook page to do for your business. Plan and implement accordingly.

Hope this helps and good luck!