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The Infotainer
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Layla, post: 81182 wrote:
The Infotainer, I see what you mean. the beach photos etc are because I would like to specialise in travel. I also wanted people to see this and think of relaxing tropical holidays, when they are not stressed and have all the time in the world, which they would be if they used me of course ;-) I guess if I have to explain it, it does not work though. I have to admit, I am intrigued where you got nanny and working in homes from though? It would be great if you could let me know so I can change this.

Ps – sorry, i did not reply sooner. I thought I would get an email when there was a new reply but I did not.

I got nanny from the opening lines about not having enough time, or picking up the kids from school and a nanny would solve those problems.

I have no idea who told me it- but people don’t read every single text you have, they scan through it looking for words that jump out that they are looking for similar to search engines looking for keywords- users look for words that they understand- now while the word nanny does not appear on the page- a simple scan by me made me think you help people with day to day problems of time. I realise now by re-looking at the site that your not a nanny but (i might be wrong here as well) someone who helps them go on holidays,

Very important to know that it took me a long while to realise that my customers had no idea what a magician was, as a result I needed to dumb down my sales text, I think you may need to do the same, before asking the header question you need to put down in the simplest terms in the least amount of words what you do, then go on with your questions

On the trade show floor when consulting and when designing my infotainment presentations- I always use the rule of making my message predigested now what I mean is that they look at it once and they understand it, as apposed to they look at it once and have to think about it to understand it, Make your messaging already chewed up and easy to swallow, there’s a metaphor for you, but it is used in a forum post- don’t use a metaphor as your header or opening statement because people are not smart enough to figure it out