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Hi Shane,

So, this is the first BAS they have sent you it would seem. Ring the ATO – you can deregister your GST status with them over the phone, and they will tell you whether you need to to do the BAS that arrived, or whether they can “back-date” the deregistration.

Or – visit http://www.ato.gov.au/businesses/content.aspx?doc=/content/13541.htm&mnu=43129&mfp=001/003, which outlines different options of cancellation of various things, including GST Registration.

I suspect you might still need to complete the BAS or the period you have been GST registered.

Have you been keeping accounts records (i.e. sales and purchases, and wages if applicable)? If you are not comfortable doing your own BAS, go to a bookkeeper or an accountant with your full accounts sales/purchase records for the period of trade so far and they can help you lodge it. The BAS is basically where you report the GST you have paid out to suppliers, as well as GST you have collected on sales (and, if applicable PAYG tax on wages) – the balance of these figures basically works out how much you owe the ATO, or how much they owe you.

(I’m not a bookkeeper but run the books/complete the BAS for our office, so the above’s based on my understanding – not as account advice). If nothing else, hope the link to ATO above helps!

Good Luck! :)