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Hi Alex,

I personally think it doesn’t matter how a prospective customer is approached as much as positioning yourself as a welcome guest, rather than an unwanted pest.

Imagine being in a conversation about a problem you are having,
with a friend and having a stranger, and interrupt your conversation and ask you if you would like to buy their jacket. It’s a nice jacket, it’s your size, and in the colour you like. But I suspect that you will probably react in a negative way to this offer, because the person making the offer is “an unwelcome pest” and the conversation you were having was about the completely unrelated topic and you won’t even thinking about getting a new jacket.

In a different scenario while you are talking to a friend about the same problem a complete stranger walked up and said “excuse me I couldn’t help but overhearing about your problem, and I think I may have a solution for and if you would like to try the solution I’m happy for you to try it for free to see whether it will actually fix your problem

So I would suggest that your focus would be finding out what problem your target customer is currently having that your product or service would fix and then test and measure which particular method of delivery I.E.letter through the post, followed by a phone call, or perhaps personally hand delivering a package containing your introductory pack, then followed by a phone call.

There are many ways that you can test and measure to approach a new client, but I think the fundamental thing you need to have correct in the 1st place is matching your message to what problem they are thinking about in their own mind they are already.

I hope this helps a little Alex. There are some additional articles you might want take a look at on my site, click here to have a browse