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The Infotainer
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OneArmedGraphics, post: 81177 wrote:
Gidday Sue, just some initial first thoughts for you:

The Facebook encouragement was just a little bit too over descriptive

The Pink on white text was slightly uncomfortable. I like the pink so perhaps the background could change for better contrast.

Site speed was good.

Good luck :)

On my monitor I can barely see the links, very simple to change it to a darker color, perhaps a darker pink

On your about us page it has
Pet, Portrait and Event Photography (including Weddings)

This needs to be on your home page as this is how you make your money and you also need images that go with these services, at the moment there are no wedding photos on the first page— 1 single wedding shot will say 1000 words- they will know instantly that you do weddings

Awards- I would have this on the home page as well- and get rid of the menu button, why because all these lovely awards are convinces for people to click through to your products and services

On your gallery page to get to the different galleries is a mouse over menu many corporate clients cannot view this- as they have the necessary java-script turned off, so when you click gallery it should have a list of the different galleries and then from each gallery it should have links to other galleries (hope that made sense)

Undercover wedding photographer, nice hook, I have been a roving magician who takes photos for over 8 years now, and my sales point is that the normal photographer focuses on you and I focus on the guests freeing the core photographer up to focus on the more important photos

I like the site- I just would change the link color, and add more proof of your expertise on the home page and to put more photos of what you do on the home page