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To change text color I just had a look at your source code:

Seems like either your website is template based which means you open the backend of your site and in the root folder their should be a folder called templates and you would navigate to a file in that called styles.css

or if it is not template based look for styles.css in the root folder

look for wording that says navlist or naviagation and most back end web severs like cpanel have an editing program,

or you could just use the people who designed the site located in the bottom right of the screen http://www.caterpillowdesign.com/ to change the font color possibly a dark purple to match the header text in the upper right corner Creating Lasting Memories :)

Now that you have added the list of achievements- right at the bottom you would have a link to your products and services again, this is both for SEO, and to help the user not have to scroll and gives them a direction.

I would probably have set up an individual page for each different service
1 for weddings, 1 for pets and so on, and then have 1 page that has the nutshell overview and then a read more link linking to the dedicated page
this will allow you to have service specific photos on each page, wedding on wedding sales page, pets on pets sales page etc, also by having a dedicated page to weddings for example and dedicated text on that page- it is better for SEO instead of a page that has everything
Also at the bottom of each dedicated page I would have- a form that says get your quote now )see beloe for what I am talking about)

so the achievements
Awards & Achievements

May 2011 Portrait Photo published in Australian Photography Magazine (May Edition) image doctor.
September 2010 Official Photographer for Amstaff of WA
August 2010 Started our business – Images by Sue Photography
August 2010 Completed Certificate 4 in Small Business Management
2010 Started studying Diploma in Photography
2010 Araluen Red Tuplip photo published in Australian Photography Magazine (January edition) image doctor.
2009 First Prize Kelmscott Show – Flower Study
2009 Highly Commended Certificate Woolorama – Animal Study
2009 Highly commended Certificate Kelmscott Show – Scenic Natural Environment (Waterfall)
2008 Otway Lighthouse photo published in Australian Photograpy Magazine (September edition) image doctor.
2007 Certificate Digital Photography
2006 Passion for photography began

Find out how we can help your next weddings, Portfolios and pets please visit the Event photography services page.

A couple more things about sales

I am in the belief that you do not list your prices on your web page, why? because people can visit your site, and then leave without you knowing, better to have a form to fill out and then on the thank you page could list prices, sure some people put in fake email addresses but the bulk of people do not

here is my site for example (one of my sites) http://www.kidsmagicworld.com.au no prices, but there is a quick quote form that is instant, they fill it out and get quotes straight away no waiting- I now have a real database of over 1800 kids, their mothers email address and when their birthdays are- from this data I am now expanding to a magic shop, to sell for Xmas presents and next years birthday party, plus I can also make money from people who do not book my magic shows, I have a email newsletter program, that will automatically send an email out 2 months before the birthday offering magic tricks.

People look at a website as a 24/7 brochure- but a I believe that a website is more than that, it is a lead generation tool- that can be used to create and grow a database of customers and I think you should be developing that database as well