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Hi Alex,

Maybe something as simple as allocating a couple of hours once a week to your ‘pro bono’ advice seekers.

Those who truly need and require your assistance will be happy to wait until you have the time.

As someone who has fortunately been extended a massive helping hand in the advice department I applaud your generosity to offer it , lots of people do not.

I have trouble with people requesting a quote and asking for colour, product and application advice. I feel it’s because they don’t want to pay for a consultant to visit their homes. As a Painter and Decorator, and a eager to please new business owner I jumped through hoops for the first few thinking my awesome service would win me contracts offering full specification quotes and brush outs.

I have paired back and now offer just enough to hint at my expertise.

I work on Saturday’s at my local paint store so sometimes I ask them to travel there. The business owner doesn’t mind because either they are buying the paint or they hire me and I do. win win for him.

Maybe take it as a compliment that people want your input.

I checked your website and it’s lovely I hope mine feels like yours one day.

Maybe instead of giving them great advice pick the yuckky options, might be the last thing they ask advice on;)