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Steve_Minshall, post: 81230 wrote:
Hi Tony,

If you provided me with the sort of services you offer and everthing worked out you would become my go-to guy for these sort of things. If you lived up to your promises and I thought the price was ok then I would just go straight to you for my next proofread/etc job. For me this is not the sort of thing I would bother shopping around for as long as my needs were being met.

I don’t need anymore books but I do need businesses I work with to simply deliver what I want, in a timely manner at good price. Therefore everything you do should be directed at ensuring you deliver and build relationships.

I am not a big fan of “if you do this you will get some low value gift” type promos. Who cares? It may make my kids pester me for McDonalds to get a cheap toy, but you are trying to attract professionals. Now as others have suggested, if you were to give someone a book (or other item) that you know will be of interest to them, based on things you have discussed with them, then that will be a wow. It now becomes relationship building and shows you value them and that you were still thinking about the conversation you had with them afterwards.

that’s the sort of thing i was thinking of, should have explained myself better in initial post. doesn’t have to be something business related, could perhaps be a book from thier favourite sportsperson that i became aware of thanks to a general chat