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T j Turner
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nitro-it, post: 81699 wrote:
Hi Tanja,

It looks like your typical run of the mill free Zen Cart template.

I personally dont like the brown background of the box titles, i.e. Categories, New Products etc which at first glance appears to look somewhat transparent until you realise the pattern is different from the background of the site.

As a default ZC install there is a lot of unneccesary stuff such as Currencies and Languages sideboxes which really don’t need to be there and only serve to clutter the site up more. Duplicate Search boxes etc. These are easy to remove in the Admin.

There are quite a few typos on the site that should be corrected.

Also, for better security you should rename your admin folder.

The How to Order section has me a little confused. Most online stores will process an order in one hit, however from this page it seems like you are getting in touch with the purchaser after the order has been placed to provide them with a shipping fee which they then make payment on. Why not make the shipping calculation part of the checkout to streamline the whole ordering process? ZC has many different shipping modules such as shipping amount per item, or shipping amount based on weight, or flat fee shipping etc. The ZC sites I’ve setup in the past have all used flat rate shipping with free shipping options once the order total reaches a certain amount.

Hope that helps

yes it does help. I am trying to work out if I should have a set amount for postage as some of my items can be posted for under $1.00 and some will be over. But I can’t afford to do free postage on my items

I do all my Tax Invocices through a program called MYOB Invoices

How do I change the name of the admin folder