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Five Star PA
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Hey there,

I feel for you as at times these last few years I’ve often wondered myself. I work form home and am a self confessed work-a-holic and I find it really hard to walk away. In the end though it comes down to disipline and I found myself questioning if I was employed by someone I would just turn off now for the night and so I started to. It was like I had to break the habit of work work work. I started scheduling in a day a month where I ‘skipped’ work and man you feel like a whole new person. Maybe if you took the family away for a long weekend and skipped a day you’ll feel more of the balance of what the working for ourselves is meant to be about!

I do agree, really take time out to see what you can outsource and you’ll probably be surprised by how much you can. Or is it possible just to cut back at al??

I hope it works out for you.