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Kathy Creaner
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First of all, congratulations on having a business that meets its expenses. Well done.

While you’re making this really big decision about whether you keep going with your business, here’s something you can do for yourself and your family right now. It’s about looking after yourself, and it will pay off for your family too. It’s simple and easy.

It’s the “Month of Me”. You promise yourself that every day you will do something just for yourself. It doesn’t have to cost money. In fact, sometimes it’s better that they don’t. What’s important is that you commit to doing something for yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY of the month.

Examples of things that you can do are:
1. Sit down and watch tv for 30 minutes without feeling guilty that you aren’t doing the dishes or working on your business
2. Sit down and have a cup of coffee with your partner or a friend instead of rushing off somewhere (This was my best pay off. I still sometimes choose to have a cup of coffee with hubby instead of rushing off to work – he’s the soloist in the family)
3. Take the time to put body lotion on
4. Have a bubble bath
5. Buy a magazine that you’d normally think of as a luxury or a timewaster (I bought Woman’s Day for the first time in years for the gossip)
6. Dance like crazy to a favourite song (it will take 5 mins tops, and will make you feel great)
7. Take the kids to the park or the dog for a walk and leave the phone at home

You’ll be able to think of dozens!

We’ve a new month starting on Friday, so make your list of things and make July your “Month of Me”.