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Kathy Creaner, post: 81327 wrote:

First of all, congratulations on having a business that meets its expenses. Well done.

While you’re making this really big decision about whether you keep going with your business, here’s something you can do for yourself and your family right now. It’s about looking after yourself, and it will pay off for your family too. It’s simple and easy.

It’s the “Month of Me”. You promise yourself that every day you will do something just for yourself. It doesn’t have to cost money. In fact, sometimes it’s better that they don’t. What’s important is that you commit to doing something for yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY of the month.

Examples of things that you can do are:
1. Sit down and watch tv for 30 minutes without feeling guilty that you aren’t doing the dishes or working on your business
2. Sit down and have a cup of coffee with your partner or a friend instead of rushing off somewhere (This was my best pay off. I still sometimes choose to have a cup of coffee with hubby instead of rushing off to work – he’s the soloist in the family)
3. Take the time to put body lotion on
4. Have a bubble bath
5. Buy a magazine that you’d normally think of as a luxury or a timewaster (I bought Woman’s Day for the first time in years for the gossip)
6. Dance like crazy to a favourite song (it will take 5 mins tops, and will make you feel great)
7. Take the kids to the park or the dog for a walk and leave the phone at home

You’ll be able to think of dozens!

We’ve a new month starting on Friday, so make your list of things and make July your “Month of Me”.


I would say the identical to what Kathy has said

so Don’t Don’t & Don’t some more!!
Don’t leave a business that you have established, you will crucify yourself in 12 months time.
12 months ago I was suffering the same. My best friend of 37 years lost her battle to breast cancer, I was going through an audit from hell (no thanks to my ex accountant, whom I murdered then felt remarkably better), my beautiful loving mother in law thought that being on this earth for 90 years was enough and decided to meet up with my fatherin law on the great golf course in the sky. Not to mention an overseas distributer collapsing taking all my business capital with it. ***sigh***
Not a lot of inspiration to go on
What is happening is thet you are suffering from life & business malnutrition. It happens with most soloists at some point in time if not nearly all the time, this is why these sites like Flying solo are so incredibly invaluable.
For life malnutrition go straight back and re read Kathy’s suggestions, garrantee it will help. The dancing part is the best, it works a treat.
For business malnutrition there are few things to keep in mind.
1) how much can you outsource? Are you guilty of trying to do it all by yourself? Remember no person is an island.
how old are your kids? mine loved helping me and once a week they would go spend some of their ‘wages’. Its the little niggly things taken away that can delete stress, what about family or friends? My mum offered to help for a week and ended up staying 5 years (I love my mum)
2) remember that when you start a business, not only do you have to build that product or service, you also have to build the entire infrastructure to support that venture from the ground up as well. Its not an easy feat, but reflect back on how much you have developed, never forget to give yourself credit for the remarkable achievements you often forget about.
3) daily To Do list. I cross off everything that gets done on that list, a new list for the next day with whats left over, but I acknowledge what has been done, not what hasn’t been done (A wonderful tip from a wise old soul)
4) Time management or system management? A lot of times people struggle to get things done and look for ways to manage time, when really it might be a case of ‘a better way to do things”. I have learnt that a lot over the years, working smarter instead of harder.
5) Sack yourself regularily. It worked so much for me. Take time out when you’re overwhelmed, you’re no good to the business anyway when you’re like that.
6) Take a regular & scheduled RDO (rostered day off) and stick to it.
7) Take daily time out in your day from the business, turn the answering machine on and spend it with your family. as the old adage says “No one on their deathbed has ever yet said, I wished I spent more time at the office”