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Google Places page…..I requested this a while ago but never received the verification postcard, so have requested it again.

Facebook…..we have it temporarily shut down as we were struggling with orders and getting negative posts. We hope when we are more settled we will have it up and running again.

I will look at our traffic and website customers from this area. The sales we have had in store have been customers that have left it too late to have an order posted to them.

The SEO for the store has not happened yet, again waiting on planning permits so we can include the party hosting as well. But it is on the plan!

AdvancedPetSitting…thankyou for the link for the school newsletters! I will follow this up.

Coffee shops….mmm might give it a try…..next week we are at two local shopping centers with our balloon decorations on display handing out flyers designed by Keepsakes Design and printed by AgentMail….thankyou so much for doing that so quickly for me. The design is great and we are attaching a free kids tattoo to each flyer so hopefully it doesn’t get binned!

Maybe after this I will feel a little more confident approaching people at coffee shops?

Cheers Jazzah