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The Copy Chick
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nominal, post: 81487 wrote:
Is there a way to combine a payment plan with securing the payment?

I haven’t seen it in Australia but it’s very common overseas where you use instalments to pay for pretty much everything and it is done through the credit card companies (with 0 interest)

Thanks Nominal – I had a chat with my little buddy this morning and this was actually one of the ideas we bandied about. We’re going to meet with one of the banks to discuss it further.

– I guess even with standard billing practices (ie. bill ‘X’ amount up-front and the remainder on completion) you still run the risk of the client not paying. We figured if you had a few clients on a payment plan it would provide a steady cashflow and it would be unlikely for them all to default at once. If you did end up with the odd customer folding, the other customers would probably help lessen the impact.

Which, I suppose is probably great in theory, but there’s still that risk of putting it into practice.

– very valid points. Still, to get a basic site complete with professionally written copy would still be more than a basic CMS site where the client is left to supply all their own copy. It’s this complete package we’ve been considering payment plans for, although if clients only wanted a very basic site they could work that out with the web designer.

Obviously this isn’t a solution for everyone, but I’m hoping it will be feasible on some level.