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The Copy Chick
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King, post: 81569 wrote:
Yes but a CMS and site design and even professionally worded copy should be quite reasonably priced. Then if they want to add an ecommerce site later, or forum, blog etc, that effectively ‘plugs-in’ as required.

The problem is “reasonable” is a fairly subjective term… and the reality is, you’re not going to get a site with all the content professionally written for the same price as one that is “site only, add own content”. Depending on how many pages are included, the complexity of the content and any supportive material which needs to be included (ie. downloadable brochures, white papers, etc.) just the copy can end up a fairly costly exercise in its own right.

Again, it’s not going to be what every business wants or needs, but we thought it might be a good option for some.

CR8Media, post: 81577 wrote:
I offered payment plans previously and it was the worst idea ever. The clients who chose this option were always late with their payments and sometimes didn’t bother to pay at all – the longer it drags out the more they tend to change their mind or the relationship gets strained. Have a few happen in the one hit and its a huge impact. Its my biggest regret in my business because a lot of money (and valuable time) has been lost.

Coming from someone in the same industry – I would advise her to stay away from payment plans and to ensure that the front up fee is enough to cover any time spent just in case things turn pear shape.

Thanks for sharing your experience… I’m sorry it was such a bad one for you. It’s horrible when you try to do the right thing by people and they take advantage of that. We’re still mulling things over, but everyone’s feedback has been so helpful. Thanks again.

Keeta, post: 81719 wrote:
King is right. Your average start-up does not need an expensive website, to attract customers and look professional – not your average hairdresser, tradesman, store owner etc.

For many of these businesses, a website is just like a brochure. Depending on their marketing style, SEO may not even be important as customers will type in the address or search specifically for the business name.

From a designer’s point of view, they may get bored churning out the same entry level site over and over for a low price. I do understand this. Just make sure you aren’t selling something your clients don’t need or want. Some of the best sites on the web are only one page with a few well chosen words. A good creative person knows how to do this.

You’re right – different businesses have different needs, but many of our clients have been building companies, financial/accounting firms, real estate firms and other services who require quite involved and professional sites. They’re also in fiercely competitive fields which does make SEO a very important part of the equation.

It might be easy to think money shouldn’t be an issue for these kinds of companies, but like all of us, they have other ongoing commitments and for the kind of site they generally want/need, it can be a lot to pay in a short time-frame.

We’re also very aware of only giving the customer what they need. We have a meeting with a client next week who loved the fact we reviewed his existing site and made a number of recommendations on how to simplify the navigation and content to make it more user-friendly, while also drastically reducing the cost to provide a new site based on the old one.

Our aim is to give our clients the best possible result for the best price. Being able to consider the copy and design from the outset generally means the client ends up with a more efficient site, because their exact needs are established from the outset. We’re just examining ways to make it easier for them to afford the best site they can without having to compromise.

(great name BTW!), thanks for the links. I know my friend has been looking into at least one of those, but I’ll pass them on to her so she can make a comparison.