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The Copy Chick
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It’s a very simple site with a lovely design, but what it does lack is some good copy incorporating your SEO keywords to help its page ranking.

None of your pictures on the first page include any sort of description to help with your SEO (ie: sterling silver dragonfly pendant, silver-plated chain with enamel heart pendant, etc…). There is some of this once you click to each photo, but I think this could be improved.

Also you have no clear ‘call to action’ on your page. That is, you have the pretty pictures, but nothing to really motivate anyone to buy from you other than the ‘add to cart’ button. Again, on your first page you would do well to introduce the collection and let people know why they should buy them (birthdays, Mother’s day, to say ‘I love you’, etc…) and how to do this (‘select your gorgeous [item] and add to cart’).

It would be a shame to see such pretty things get overlooked because the lack of appropriate copy puts the site on the 356th page of Google.

Otherwise, it’s quite lovely and the prices seem fairly reasonable.