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Hi jands,

If you have a new product, in that it has not been released, sold, demonstrated or published anywhere by anyone, have you looked in to whether it is eligible for design and/or patent protection, at least in Australia? Patents are the rights granted to devices, substances, methods and processes which are new, inventive (or innovative) and useful; where as designs are the protection for the overall appearance of a product (it’s shape, configuration, ornamentation etc) that’s new, and distinctive when compared to other products in the marketplace.

If you believe your product is new, and wish to hold an ‘exclusive ownership’ to it, the above should be considered. You can see more at http://www.ipaustralia.gov.au.

I can’t provide patent advice, however have some general knowledge on the subject as have worked in the Trademark field (protection for names, logos etc) for quite some time, so feel free to ask any general questions you have, and if I can’t answer can put you in touch with persons who can assist.