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Sorry guys

i was away for a few days, negotiating some new domain names to add to my arsenal (I just bought the best 2 domain names in my industry.. so excited… but I can’t announce them yet … :( )

ok Dan

for me a dodgy link coming from an SEO company is: (here we go…0

Any kind of link that it’s generated based on a system exploit.
Example: WordPress spam.
that’s dodgy….

The best way to think of links is like if each link is a potential DATE

You don’t take any “date” to meet you parents…. do you? :D
The proper links are the links that you could take to meet your parents .
(you see it’s midnight therefor I’m comparing SEO with dating … that’s pretty sad)

Now, does the theory of “can link affect ranking?” I do believe excessive amount of links will flag the site and the algorithm will then “give more attention” to the link building patter for that site.

Dan… I will announce the keyword for the experiment very soon… (but I will not show the site until the last minute ;)