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TheCushionSociety, post: 81674 wrote:
Hi All,

I am looking for a website designer for my new online store – The Cushion Society. I will be selling to the higher end of the market and need a store to reflect this image.

I am absolutely in love with the work by http://www.laurabaxter.com.au and have requested a quote however I am not sure that I will be able to afford her services.

If you think you can assist, please have a look at her site (in particular the work she has done for Aleksandra, Fenton & Fenton – all heavily illustrated) and tell me whether you can provide something of a similar nature.

Many thanks

Hello Amy, lovely to meet you.
I think that the main thing to remember is that you really need a dedictated shopping cart first and then build the web site around it.
The next thing is to do something quickly (and it does not need to be perfect ) to generate some cashflow if you have a tight budget. You really should be following the Ready Fire Aim, concept. I can explain it if you like.
Next you can do some Optimised Internet marketing strategies to generate or drive heaps of traffic to your site, once it is up and running.
We have designed web sites with shopping carts, but most importantly the web site itself must generate interest. My team is very very experienced at designing and producting web site for both the high budget and low budget clients. Unfortunately IP does not allow me to discuss these in an open forum. Would be happy to talk to you or send an email to [email protected]…. You will be pleasantly surprised and we will put a smile on your face. By the way we have office in Melbourne and Sydney.