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angela123, post: 81723 wrote:
I want to write an article for my blog about becoming a pet party plan consultant, but I’m having trouble finding anything based in Australia who uses consultants, the couple that I have found seem to be owner-operator only.

The US has a few, like shurepets, petlane, but I am trying to target my mostly Aussie audience.

Anyone know of any Pet Party Plan businesses that take on consultants?


Holy bananas… pet planning….

If the kids party industry is struggling (I have a few customers in that arena)… I wonder what type of future the pet party industry has.

I mean… pretty narrow market don’t you think?

but I have some questions

How does a cat party work?
Do you put Tom and Jerry and they all cheer up for Tom and then they get drunk in Milk?

(Can you have a party with hamsters?)

Pet Fish party?
How does it work? I mean everyone takes their fish in a plastic bad and then you leave them alone so they can have some privacy and fun?

Can you have inter-racial pet party?
I bring my german shepperd you bring your hamster?

Do you provide turtle parties?
(Sebastian my son want’s a turtle as a pet.)
I bet it’s a bit slow to get the party starting… <-- my 1st pet party joke. ;)