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websitedesigner, post: 81783 wrote:
Hi sal I’m a web designer on the gold coast, I have had a number of different offices on the coast. In my last office in Burleigh I did share it with someone else. In my new one I’m letting an office upstairs in my friends yoga studio, I’ll see how that goes sharing the first time was a bit of a pain, this time should be different because we aren’t sharing that much I have my own office and the kitchen / bathroom and entrance are shared so hopefully it goes well.

I do really like the idea of a space where a bunch of people from related fields can work, I know there is one for media people in Brisbane dont think there is one on the godly.

Still, I’m not quite sure it would work quite as well as it sounds. I remember when I did work experience with Honda the guy took me around and explained how they had knocked down all of the office walls and had a fully open plan office and I said ‘why’ and he said it’s much better for communication and teamwork. The place was silent and I looked around and everyone was just looking at each other with blank looks. I almost started laughing.

Anyway maybe not that relevant but sometimes people like to do their own thing especially in business it’s rare to come across people who are truly open about their business.

Thanks for replying :) So there is a group in Brissie doing what I was suggesting is there? Would be great to get something going like that on the Gold Coast.