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well actually

If a new staff member does not have the strong product knowledge, they are wasting their time with an elevator pitch, why?

Because once they give their pitch what happens- either

1: The potential customer goes ok sure, I don’t need what you do

or 2: They ask a question which the new staff cannot answer due to no product knowledge,

If you don’t know what you are talking about as in new staff- better to keep words to a minimum, so it is better to have an opening statement and then ask what do you do, and be honest with regards to being new,

too many people try to fake it til they make it but people see through this and it has a negative impact on the relationship you are trying to forge.

The elevator pitch actually distances you from the customer, because when you start talking about something they are not interested in (which is a high probability when you are trying to sell without first qualifying)- they switch off, they lose interest and start to lose focus on what you are saying, better to ask what do they want, what do they do and from this you can either say it’s a potential customer or I am not the business for you. The trick here is

your goal is to form a relationship with the customer, not make a sale, a relationship will create many more sales down the road and help with word of mouth, developing that personalised experience that you simply do not get with larger companies, this is how the small business competes, we can personalise the relationship, large companies they automate the relationship there is a big difference