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iamsparro, post: 82768 wrote:
There is value to be had from old domains, even if parked.

The real value to be had from domain age, however, is when there has been a history of content, etc. I’d still recommend an old parked domain above a fresh registration…

Also, Google DOES index parked domains.
I did preface my comment with, “By “parked”, I presume you mean that there has never been an HTML file created for any of the domains.”

It is my understanding that a SE indexes files, not domains. If there has never been a file at the domain then Google will not know it exists.

There are domain registration services around that create Adword pages for all their clients’ “parked” domains. In which case a SE does have a file it can index on that domain. Eg: http://www.optics-directory.com.

Many people have found this practice has hurt them when they then activate their domains for real websites. Google’s Panda upgrade is reported to have been savage on domains that have been used as Adword spam pages.

This video from one of the top SEO consultants may be useful in addressing the importance of site age:

“Age of Site and Old Links” http://www.seomoz.org/blog/age-of-site-and-old-links-whiteboard-friday