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Jason58, post: 81852 wrote:
Hi All,

I am going to start a local business in Melbourne. All goods are imported from overseas. Currently I am a little confused with what’s the difference between customs broker / freight fowarder.

All I want to do is hiring someone/company to clear my goods at melbourne port, and arrange delivery transportation to my warehouse.

Can a freight forwarder do this work? if you come across a forwarder with good reputation, please recommend to me. thanks heaps.

Hello! We would love to help you – Hodder Logistics International. P 03 9645 4033 or [email protected]. Peter Hodder or Frank Amato have the expertise and advice you need. Our business has operated for nearly 40 years. We are located in Port Melbourne and have agents world-wide. We employ AQIS (quarantine) accredited, licensed Customs Brokers. Our clients are both importers and exporters. We can clear your consignment and deliver it to your warehouse. The best bet is to contact an expert (us!) before you put in your overseas purchase order…as we can give you tariff advice…so are you goods liable for duty etc…??? What’s the best way to get them into Australia..?? We are not a one-size-fits-all operation. And our advice can save you time and money. Contact us on 03 9645 4033 or [email protected]