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Hi Alan, Thank you for your response.
Your points are very valid.
Belmore finance offers personal assistants, business coordinators and cost optimisation on demand without expensive staffing overheads.
Our on demand plans ensure you only pay for the assistance you actually require.
We are trying to break into the Australian space but as we are a virtual company we are not domiciled there and therefore do not need accountants. As will simply be considered service providers. The employee structure is comprehensive enough to not deem them as employees and was drafted by our accountants and lawyers in order to ensure they are considered contractors. We also have a contractor service agreement to prevent such instances. Sorry for the confusion the pound signs are because I uploaded the UK structure as opposed to the $ one (My fault).
As for finance we do not sell financial services so do not need a license fortunately.
Thanks for your points, I hope mine clarify the confusion.