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My 2c worth…. (caveat – I haven’t read the attached info yet, so this is just ‘my reality’)…

Good stuff:

. You can work when you like
. You can go for a bike ride/go to gym/go shopping/go for coffee with a friend whenever you want – you make up the time later
. You don’t have to get into office clothes every day
. You are in business for yourself, but don’t have to pay for extra space – you use space you are already paying for

Bad stuff:
. You can work when you like
. You have to make up any time that you take off during the day by working later (which you were probably already doing, because you can)
. You may well be working in isolation most of the time, without interaction with other adults, which can become very lonely
. There is no separation (in a lot of cases) between ‘home’ and ‘work’

There’s other stuff on both sides…

So – how do I get around this? Well, I come on here and chat to you people on Flying Solo (and a couple of other sites), I try to stop working at a reasonable time each evening (no – that plan is not yet really working, but it’s on the list of things to focus on!), I have music on in the background so I feel less alone. Are any of these perfect solutions? Nope… is there an ideal? Nope… I chose to go into business so that no one else would know more about whether I was going to get paid than I do – these are some of the things that I have to cope with to achieve that control. Is it all improving? ABSOLUTELY! :-)

Thanks for this wonderful site – it really does help. Keep the conversations up, everyone – it all counts.