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Hello Ronald

Yes valid points raised in particular by Crash, what I recommend is the following

1. Stop blaming the Center and the landlord for the situation, this just manifest in more negative thinking creating a Doom Mindset

2. Look at your offerings, what is on the menu can the menu be improved, one thing I have noticed in Sydney with successful Chicken Outlets is that they seem to have aligned themselves with a Well Liked Brand of Chicken Producers, eg LilyDale

3. Create packages if not already doing so, try to keep at around $9.95 for a meal

4. Add a coffee bar if not already serving coffee, let coffee help with cashflow

5. Look at surrounding business and see if you can provide them for staff lunches, catering (always have salads in your menu to compliment the meal)

6. Reduce your costs, I have a number of clients in food sector and we have found that sometimes it is cheaper to go to Big W etc to purchase the can of drinks rather then direct suppliers

7. Set down with landlord and tell him your happy to pay the rent but in return he needs to take action re upkeep of center (get together with other tenants and devise a plan if this is affecting trade to center) All suburban centers have the unwanted element cannot really be avoid.

8. Do you have outdoor setting? Make your shop attractive

Post some pics of shop and shop Front we can then provide more options, if you have hand written signs around shop remove

Goodluck with it the food industry is hard but speak/ask the questions to your current customers what the like/dislike