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Stuart B
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Hey there I’m not sure if this has been posted before, it looks familiar… There’s a lot to talk about here so I’ll keep them in dot point and if you would like some more detail on any points you can ask :)

1 – The website is all flash, that’s bad and you need to change that.
2 – The grey banner looks like it’s meant to stretch across the whole screen but it doesn’t (because of the flash)
3 – Remove the top and bottom border so the borders sit nicely against the edge of the browser.
4 – The site design is waaaaay too dark and ominous looking, if you change the background from black to white, it will feel much fresher.
5 – There’s no set layout for the content from page to page. They all look different.
6 – That logo with the little guy juggling is not helping the design at all, it looks really slap dash and definitely doesn’t inspire confidence in your work.
7 – The font size used for the content and links is a few sizes too big, and feels like it’s designed for little kids to read.

Overall I think it looks as though you’re using some kind of flash template, but you either don’t know, or the template doesn’t allow you to change it adequately to product the desired result.

If you are able to make those 7 changes I’ve noted out the site will be looking really great! I think though that your biggest hurdle is the fact that you’ve used 100% flash which is a big issue.

Hope this helps.