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Deb Dane
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thank you so much for posting this – the biggest hold up to my launch is my site – i have bought my domain, installed WP and added the thesis theme. There seems to be a lot of WP info online that either 1) assumes tech / computer knowledge that a lot of business people don’t have yet or is 2) basic but for WP in general. I know/think there are differences with my thesis theme that make some of those instructions not applicable to my site and cannot find BASIC thesis info – even the basic section of their support forums is over my head. do you know anyone posting thesis specific basics by any chance or do you have anything on this?

i have my kids at home for school holildays so cannot go through yor posts right now but will do so tomorrow when they are at vacation care (woo hoo). so apologies if you cover this on one of your blog posts as i would usually read before commenting, but figured if you can direct me to anything thesis specific as well I can log a few WP hours tomorrow.

thanks again – cannot wait to read your blog!