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The Infotainer
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I am not aware of any “GOOD” directories

You can buy lists but they are expensive and once you join impact lists they will keep sending you stuff even if you unsubscribe- I still get stuff in the post even after emails saying no thanks

Hit associations, design a quality directory with special listings for association members, (extra words, images the ability to add video) and get them to promote it to their members.

Make sure you don’t use techno bable when explaining the benefits for listing on your directory, because they will forget about you, but if you explain simple SEO they might get it

I made the mistake of creating an events directory for free and promoting it to associations but using techno bable which they put it in the too hard basket, you gotta dumb it down for them.

Get a story in the local paper for local businesses

Put a notice up at the local hotel, or sporting clubs you will probably get more hits this way than 300 mailouts