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supanatural, post: 82374 wrote:
Hi all,

I’m currently communicating with suppliers that I find from Alibaba and Dhgate in searching for new products to import and request samples from them. When it comes time to make payment they often say that ‘we only accept bank transfer’ and they won’t accept Paypal. Because there a manufacturing factory and not a trade company.
To do a overseas transfer via bank it costs $30 with fees, shipping averaging $80. So $40 worth of samples ends up costing $150 and there’s no guarantee that those make it to me. I don’t mind paying for samples but it adds up.

Any suggestions grateful?


Do not use bank transfer to your supplier in China. It is danger to deal with China Factory directly especially on electronic products. Whenever we import from China , I have our own people to inspect the good ourselve to avoid any problems. We have an office sourcing company in China and our main business in Melbourne.

Please contact us if you need any help.