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Kathy Creaner
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I’m sorry. I disagree with the advice that you’ve been provided here.

casa, post: 82962 wrote:
…… Do not use bank transfer to your supplier in China.

It makes sense to check out your suppliers carefully, and buying samples is one way to do that. You will learn a lot through bringing in samples from different suppliers and using different delivery methods. I know that they seem expensive, but the few hundred dollars that you spend now may save you thousands of dollars in the future.

I understand that you’re nervous about bank transfers (cost as well as safety). For your information, we have used bank transfers directly to manufacturers without any problems.

You will find that your manufacturer is just like you – while they may not know ‘the cheapest way’ to get your goods to Australia they will be able to tell you what has worked for them in the past.

As for checking out your manufacturer, there are several options: you can pay companies to advise you on the reliability of the manufacturer, you can ask them for references, you can hire a sourcing agent to check them out, you can visit them yourself, etc. A simple question you could ask them is “do you exhibit at trade shows?” and then you could check the exhibitor list for the trade shows.

Good luck with your new venture. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as we do.