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Thank you for responding, and positively as well.
I have thought about putting sellers of art shoes together and would only go so far as putting them in touch with each other i think. Not sure about mediation of disputes etc etc.
But wouldnt just be kids selling. Anyone could do it, i think as long as the shoes they are selling are from my stock. I was just going to aim it at kids at that stage.

I have found a special kind of acrylic pen that doesnt fade and is waterproof so would sell them in packages as some of you have suggested. Plus pens are so much easier for kids to use.

I dont think the birthday party is a bad idea, i just think you would have to turn up once the guests have arrived to fit them.

One of my other concerns is giving kids access to paint pens.

I also forgot to mention that I would outline/stencil some artwork on shoes for kids to colour in.

cheers people.