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Hi Infotainer,

I’m not sure where you see a consensus the ad is not genius, everyone but you seems to think otherwise. Whether a genius ad format or idea is used by one company or two does not detract from the ad being effective and genius.

It would be really silly to say the ad is rubbish without getting data from the people running the ad after they have had enough time to evaluate its effectiveness! I think there is a hint though in the fact that not many ineffective ads get copied so closely!

What were the goals of the campaign anyway? Branding? Buzz building? Attention grabbing? It would get a big tick for any of those but there may be other goals, we don’t know as we are not the people running it! BION not all ads are meant to translate to sales in a linear relationship!

I had not heard about any denial from the company the ad was not original but you should realise very few ads are genuinely new, themes are reused and rehashed from year to year as long as they work in the intended fashion. How many times have you seen “new and improved” on your toothpaste or mom washing the kids dirty clothes again in detergent ads? Are you going to stop using those products because their marketing is not original? They are somehow offending your sense of ethics?

If you’d rather go out of business than use other ideas you’d have to be a truly unique entertainer – are you seriously saying that your show is all original, all new tricks never used by others? It must be brilliant indeed ;0