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The Infotainer
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Aidan, post: 82911 wrote:

You are entitled to your opinions though how you can form them without having the facts (i.e. the results of the campaign as measured against its objective), is beyond me…


UMMMMMMMMMM You don’t have any facts either, no one does so how can anyone say it is genius

Thats one of the points no one has any facts, yet other posters on this form are allowed to form the conclusion that it is genius, yet with the same evidence in hand I say it is not genius and you don’t like it.

Obviously I don’t like the ad, and I don’t like copy cats.

With regards to my own magic show let me clarify

80% is my own material, 20% is material that I have bought the rights to with my money from the creator, or I have earned the respect of the entertainer and they have given me their blessing to use their material, although I have changed that particular piece to fit in with my own style. I didn’t see another entertainer and say- that looks good, that works I’ll do it as well cos I know I can make a buck out of it.

I myself have had my ideas and shows copied, Imagine spending several years to create a show and concept only to have it taken away and performed half as good by someone charging 1/3 of the price.

so I guess until you yourself have been copied you’ll never get it.