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AgentMail, post: 82537 wrote:
I think they’re prices may have risen, seeing that their biggest competitor is no longer in that market.

What you would need to work out is, how much business do you need to raise to cover your costs and make a profit from the venture – If you only get enough clients to cover your costs, the only one benefiting is the shop a docket company (I am being flipant, because of course there is value in repeat custom etc.)

Have you thought about trying the current trend of daily deal sites? This has been successful when done properly for the beauty industry. There was a really good post on here a few days ago about maximsing the benefit from a daily deal.

The other benefit is that you only pay a % of what comes through the door, so you at least have that comfort.

The post mentioned basically said you have to try and upsell after they buy the deal and also to try and grab the details from customers so you can sell to them long term rather than only once – this is the real secret to deal sites … don’t just sell once to them – need to get the customer to come back and possibly buy a higher priced or higher profit margin product.

The only people who benefit from shop a dockets are the people selling them!