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mobile hair design, post: 82525, member: 20751 wrote:
Can anyone give me advice on advertising a hairdressing service on the shop a dockets? ive heard mixed reports its $3500 for a 6 month cycle . But does anyone ever read them ??

OzLasers, post: 208961, member: 62274 wrote:
They seem to be quite expensive for what they are. I have a friend that uses them and they haven’t been amazingly successful so far.

There are many other forms of cheaper advertising which is far more effective. PPC ads for example.

I agree that PPC ads are effective as I have been there and done that. Being a hair dresser located at the Robina Town Centre. I specialise in laser hair removal and different hair styles. I experienced a downfall in my business in last 1 year due to various aspects. On the go, I found people talking about Shop a Docket and their changes in services that is helping businesses grow. I asked around to a few friends and felt a need to try. I enquired with them and got the best package I could for my services. I am able to upscale my business easily now. They are definitely worth a try, to say the least.