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HBTRADE, post: 82619 wrote:
Spelling mistakes don’t help.
They do make you ‘more human’, but don’t help.

There appears to be links missing.

It is a bit ‘all over the place’.

As AU English is based on UK English, I wouldn’t be worried about it being too “Queen’s English”.

Maybe widen the reading area a little, so you can add a 2nd column easily & have small pics staggered around the page.

Personally, I think Arial is a good font, but needs to be in 12 point to read easily. (Top line: This newsletter is packed…)

Many thanks for your input.

Spelling mistakes oh no and groan …. will have to check that and I have a dip. in proof reading !!!!

Yes did try to widen the area but the ‘mailchimp’ template didn’t allow it.
Will have a play around with it and try again. Yes more pics will add to the look, I agree.

Yes friend did point out about the links but thanks for taking the time to click on them and the don’t worry about the Queens English comment :-)

Ok will change to 12 point.

Again with thanks

~ Kerry