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Stan the Man
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thuynguyen, post: 82834 wrote:
hi all,
My family has a manufacturing business. As it is a small business, we have been trading wholesale with clients in America through an agent. Now, we are thinking of exporting our products to Australia without using an agent. What is a sound business idea to do so?
1. As I have just finished my master study in Australia and applying for temporary visa. Should I open an import-export company under a new name as an intermediary between my family’s company and new clients in Australia? And is it possible to do so? or
2. I just start promoting our business through B2B and ship products directly to clients from our company in Vietnam? or
3. Open a subsidiary in Australia but I am not sure if it is possible for a small company like us. Or
4. any other ideas?
If you have any idea and experience, please advise me. I am new to run a business and my family does not have any experience on trading with foreign customers independently.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Thuy,
For option 3, if you are going to bring in the products under ur Australia Subsidiary company name and sell it locally you have to get a customs broker to arrange clearance and also logsitics company to arrange warehousing and distribution.