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Giulio, post: 83029 wrote:
so over the winter have decided/forced to do some smaller residential jobs just to keep cash flow up.

feels like ive taken a step backwards, but at the moment to do anything else right now would be irresponsible.


It’s not always a bad thing to take a step backwards as long as you have one eye on your rear view mirror and the other firmly up ahead.

Concreting has a diverse range of clients – small patios to the 2000m2 + job as you mentioned. Maybe this ‘setback’ could help you take the time to evaluate your niche and then re-energize and re-market yourself to this market.

As for a business coach, think of them as a your guide rather than your baggage. Both are useful for an enjoyable excursion, but I know which one I would rather have if I was feeling lost. (as long as he was carrying chocolate!)

Don’t mind me if I ramble on a bit. I have my keyboard on a lease back and need to maintain a certain number of key presses per month to make it viable.

Re-read your thread title question. It’s a good one. Substitute ‘Company’ for say your favourite plant. Imagine the process of growing a great plant. One that you can sit back and really admire. Then you notice some leaves dying, the bark is changing colour. You have no idea what is causing your plant to whither? At this point you have a very specific question you need to ask a professional. But…the timing is all wrong. You see, at the very beginning, the planning stages of getting your plant to grow, that is the time to ask the professionals questions about soil type, fertilizers, ph conditions, plant diseases etc, so that when you notice something happening later on you can avoid stress and quickly make the move to prevent further loss and quite possibly make a great gain with a healthy plant.

I only say all this because, I once thought a business coach was for business people who had an image to keep up (Oh yeesss Brian, I had to haaave a laatte with my little helper, Rickeee – he’s quite the motivatoor really. Next week we are alphabetizing my rollerdeck at ther rooftop garden of Central Plazzza no less) , but my coach has helped me brilliantly.

Think NIKE! Just do it! :D