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Do you think this is a good idea to grab this for $90 and then someone else (what do you charge) to design a website. Don’t have a budget for this, will just decide on price. I need to be able to add and alter the website from home as my business grows. I don’t like CD’s web building prices, one page is cheap and 10 pages is too expensive and there is nothing in between.

There is nothing that says you have to get your domain reg and hosting from the same place :)

I was doing a quick check around on how CD hosting was, didn’t find a whole deal about their hosting…. just found a lot of negative posts about them as a whole; but again…. some people like them.

I personally have my domain regged through http://www.ziphosting.com.au and they have been fine – though I did reg it through them when they were Hostess / before they merged with ZipHosting.

For hosting why not give Shaun (NetOrigin) some business; I’m sure he will look after you. :)

As per my PM though, I am always happy to assist my clients with all this type of stuff.

Oh and lastly…… I checked out CD’s web design offering and noticed they charge you MONTHLY!? That’s VERY dodgy IMO; why? Well firstly who wants ongoing costs when you can pay a designer for the job once and be done with it? Secondly, what happens if you want to pack up shop and move to another host? Can you take the design with you or do they retain copyright of it? Just seems like a sly way of keeping you with them.

I don’t know about Word Press at all. Looking at their website, but am having trouble working out who much it will cost me for all of the above plus website. I have only looked at google and yahoo’s free ones, and not impressed by them.

WordPress is more or less a CMS (Content Management System); so if you would like to be able to update parts of your website yourself something like WP comes in handy. :) If you do go with a custom design however and not a WP pre-built theme then your custom design will have to be integrated within WP; which may or may not be within your budget.

Can I link a website (free or designed by a professional) to the CD package above?

Yes you can. :)